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Edwin Goffin predictions
Asteroid Occultation Updates (world updated predictions by Steve Preston)
Occult Watcher Cloud (Hristo Pavlov)
Current Global Asteroid Events (Derek C Breit)
Google Maps based on "Upcoming Events" page of S. Preston
Future Global Asteroid Events (Derek C Breit)
Google Maps based on "Monthly index" page (current year) of S. Preston

Binary Asteroids - occultation updates (Frederic Vachier)
Events for United Kingdom - UKOCL (Jon Talbot) Events for Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary islands - IBEROC (Carlos Perello) Use Occult Watcher software to collect automatically the main predictions (see Software section) TNOs, Centaurs and Trojans (Campaigns, results, data submission - Lucky Star project and affiliated) Bruno Sicardy page ERC Project Lucky Star (TNO predictions and updates - Josselin Desmars) Stellar Occultations by Small Outer Solar System Objects (Results, Campaigns - Rio Group) Occultation Portal (full data submission for Lucky Star observations) Software Predictions Occult Occultation software - Predictions, reductions (Dave Herald) LinOccult Occultation software for Linux (Andrei Plekhanov) OrbFit Asteroid orbit study software Event planner OccultWatcher (Hristo Pavlov) Sky mapping Guide (Project Pluto - Bill J. Gray) C2A (Philippe Deverchere - provide a add-in linked with Occult Watcher) Earth mapping Google Earth Mapping Occultation paths (Geoff Hitchcox) TatukGIS Coordinate Calculator Datum conversion software GPS VisualGPS Graphical display of GPS functions NTP sync Meinberg Software (NTP for Windows and NTP Time Server Monitor) Timing ToyNTP PC clock synchro using PPS signal from Garmin GPS 18x LVC (Alex Shovkoplyas) KIWI Precision Timestamp Utility DOS program (Geoff Hitchcox) Video OccuRec Video recorder for Windows dedicated to occultations (Hristo Pavlov) VirtualDub Video capture/processing utility VirtualDub2 SharpCap Astronomy camera capture tool (Robin Glover) Lagarith Lossless Video Codec (Ben Greenwood) Avisynth Video programming language for post-prod editing (Ben Rudiak-Gould) Using Avisynth with Limovie (Steve Preston) Huffyuv Lossless win32 video codec (Ben Rudiak-Gould) Genika Astro (for digital cameras - AiryLab) Drift scan WinScan Drift scan software for SBIG CCD cameras (Christoph Flohr) Utilisation de WinScan (Denis Fiel - in french) Photometry Tangra3 Software for photometric and astrometric video observations (Hristo Pavlov) Tangra3-AOTA interaction depending on file formats and timing options Limovie Light measurement tool for video recordings (Kazuhisa Miyashita) PyMovie Stellar occultation aperture photometry program (Bob Anderson) Iris Astronomical images processing software (Christian Buil) Time extraction AOTA Asteroidal Occultation Time Analyser (Dave Herald - in WinOccult package) PyOTE Occultation Time Extractor (Bob Anderson) Asteroid database Minor Planet Center Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service (MPC) MPC Statistics Asteroid Lightcurve Photometry Database (ALCDEF) Minor Planet Center Orbit Database (MPCORB) Asteroids - Dynamic Site (AstDys-2) The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database (astorb.dat - Ted Bowell) JPL Small-Body Database (NASA) Asteroids with Satellites (Wm. Robert Johnston) ISAM Interactive Service for Asteroid Models (Astronomical Observatory of AMU) DAMIT Database of Asteroid Models from Inversion Techniques (Josef Durech) Asteroids & Comets Rotation Curves (Raoul Behrend) Minor Planet Names (MPC - alphabetical list) Numbered Minor Planets (MPC) Sloan Digital Sky Survey Moving Object Catalog Orbital Elements: Guide Absolute Magnitude to Diameter (SFASU) Asteroid catalogues Asteroid catalogue using AKARI size and albedo of 5120 asteroids (Usui+, 2011) Astrometric star catalogues Hipparcos Catalogue (ESA 1997, 118 218 stars) Tycho-2 Catalogue (Hog+ 2000, 2 539 913 stars) UCAC2 Catalogue (Zacharias+ 2003, 48 330 571 stars) UCAC5 Catalogue (Zacharias+ 2017, > 107 million stars) Gaia EDR3 (Gaia Collaboration 2020, > 1 billion stars) Photometric star catalogues All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS-3) Double star catalogues Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) Planning, Techniques & Observations The IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual Euraster observer guide (in french - no longer updated) David Dunham page (IOTA) Paul Maley page (explanation) Drift-scan timing of asteroid occultations (John Broughton) Summary of occultation reports for UK/Ireland (Tim Haymes) Automatic observatories TAROT home page TAROT North (Calern - France) automatic station (results) TAROT South (La Silla - Chile) automatic station (results) Weather Meteosat current D2 (NWCSAF) Meteosat current D2 ( - 15min interval) Meteosat current D2 (Wetterzentrale) Radar live (Meteociel) Radar live (Infoclimat) Radar rain/snow (Meteociel) Real-Time Lightning Map Night fog over Europe (Eumetsat) Real time imagery (Eumetsat) Meteosat animation (Institut für Meteorologie - in german) Arome 1.3 km (Meteociel) Arpege 10 km (Meteociel) GFS meteogramme (Wetterzentrale) Wetterzentrale (in german) Meteo France Lightnings over Europe (Centre Météo UQAM-Montréal) Europe soundings (University of Wyoming) Mobile station planning ViaMichelin (route planner & maps) Bison Futé (circulation routière - in french) Video Equipment
Shelyak Occultation (FR) SuperCircuits Low Light Video Cameras (US) Watec Mintron Sony Datasheet Test of the Watec 120N video camera (Christian Buil) Measurements of exposure and internal delay on video cameras for use with Video Time Inserter (Gerhard Dangl) Comparison of various video cameras on M67 star cluster (Gerhard Dangl) Video photometry (and gamma correction) (Hristo Pavlov) Digital cameras QHY174M-GPS Using the QHY174M-GPS with SharpCap (Christian Weber) Raptor Timing Equipment IOTA-VTI Video Time Inserter, order page (IOTA) Precision GPS Time Video Overlay Unit [BlackBoxCamera, GPSBOXSPRITE2 model] GPS/DCF TIM-10 Time-Inserter (discontinued - in german) KIWI-OSD (Video overlay of GPS precision timestamps - Geoff Hitchcox) Sven Andersson VTI (Sven Andersson) TimeBox - LED firing, trigger, computer sync (Shelyak) TimeBox (Cesar Valencia Gallardo) EthernAude (accurate drift scan piloting for Audine camera - in french) Garmin OEM GPS GPS timing problem: Display of GPS time instead of UTC (Oliver Kloes) Timing errors of the Garmin GPS35HVS (Oliver Kloes) EXposure Time Analyzer (EXTA) (Gerhard Dangl) Southern EXposure Time Analyzer (Dave Gault) Datums Geodetic Datum Overview (Peter Dana) Associations, Mailing lists, Worldwide Data Planoccult European mailing list EAON (discontinued) IOTA/ES SOTAS (Stellar Occultation Timing Association Switzerland) UK Occultations Discussion Group IOTAoccultations list mainly US mailing list IOTA Asteroid Occultation Reports for North America (John Moore) Japanese occultation results (Tsutomu Hayamizu)(results before 2018/03/22) RASNZ Occultation section (Royal Astronomical Society Of New Zealand) World data compilation on NASA Planetary Data System Photometry Video Photometry with Tangra (Hristo Pavlov) Courbe photométrique sur astéroïde (Laurent Bernasconi - in french) Radar & Direct Imaging Asteroid Radar Research 2017 VLT's SPHERE images of 29 Amphitrite, 324 Bamberga, 2 Pallas, 89 Julia 2015 New Horizons images of 134340 Pluto New Horizons Mission 2014-2018 Dawn images of 1 Ceres 2014-2016 Rosetta images of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko 2011-2012 Dawn images of 4 Vesta 2010 Epoxi images of comet Hartley 2 2010 Rosetta images of 21 Lutetia 2008 Rosetta images of 2867 Steins 2005 Hayabusa images of 25143 Itokawa 2005 Hubble images of 1 Ceres 2005 Deep Impact images of comet Tempel 1 Deep Impact Mission
2004 VLT images of 87 Sylvia and 2 moons 2004 Stardust images of comet Wild 2 2002 Stardust images of 5535 Annefrank Stardust Mission
2002 Keck images of 511 Davida 2001 Deep Space 1 images of comet Borrelly 2000 NEAR images of 433 Eros 1999 Deep Space 1 images of 9969 Braille 1997 NEAR images of 253 Mathilde NEAR Mission 1997 Hubble images of 4 Vesta 1995 Hubble images of 4 Vesta 1993 Galileo images of 243 Ida 1993 Galileo images of Dactyl (Ida satellite) 1991 Galileo images of 951 Gaspra 1986 Giotto Images of comet Halley TNOs Distant EKOs (the Kuiper Belt Electronic Newsletter - Joel Parker) Kuiper Belt page (David Jewitt) Others Time conversion chart
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